Meet Our Executive Team.

Adrian Adrian Anderson is the CEO and CCO for North Point Advisors, LLC operating out of the San Ramon, CA office. Adrian has been involved with fixed income portfolio management for the past 20 years and has developed a proprietary fixed income process “Optimized Disaggregation”. This process uses NPADV’s proprietary alpha model whereby portfolios are structured based upon the expected return of the fixed income sector. Early in his career, he served as Executive Director of the District of Columbia Retirement Board and was Comptroller of the Washington-based United Mine Workers' Health and Retirement Funds. Adrian holds a law degree and a CPA certificate.
Cindy Cynthia Hargadon is a Principal operating out of North Point Advisors, LLC Stamford, CT office. Cindy works with the team to design and implement investment solutions to improve client portfolio performance and manage risk. Cindy is a key architect in the design of NPADV’s Stable Value services. With over 25 years of experience, Cindy has performed pioneering work in portfolio design and manager structure within defined benefit, defined contribution and public 457 investment programs. She was an original founder of North Point Advisors and most recently served as head of Investment Consulting for Rogers Casey, a nationally recognized firm. Cindy re-joined North Point on July 1, 2010.

Her professional background includes 10 years as Chief Investment Officer for the ICMA Retirement Corporation and served in a similar capacity with the National Auto Dealers Association Retirement Trust. As CIO for these two multi-billion dollar, multi-employer trusts, she served as plan fiduciary for thousands of public and private plan sponsors. She also served as a board member and President of the Stable Value Investment Association representing the largest banks, insurance companies, asset management and other financial institutions that support participant-directed retirement plans. Additionally, she has served as an independent mutual fund board member since 1991, served on three fund complexes (chairman of one group) and is on the governing board of the Independent Directors Council, part of the Investment Company Institute (ICI). Cindy earned her BA in Economics from the University of Virginia and her MBA from George Washington University.